FLISFederal Logistics Information System
FLISFuzzy Logic Inference System
FLISFlorida Lumber Inspection Service
FLISFiberized Link Interface Shelf (Nortel)
FLISFEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) Levee Inventory System (database)
FLISFuzzy Logic and Intelligent Systems (engineering and computing term)
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Como principal trabajo el FLIS ha puesto en marcha una plataforma digital para fomentar la prospectiva ambiental entre los estados miembros.
AEMA Agencia Europea de Medio Ambiente (EEA en castellano) ECNC European Centre for Natural Conservation EEA European Environmental Agency EIONET European Environment Information and Observation Network FLIS Forward Looking Information and Services INE Instituto Nacional de Estadistica JRC Joint Research Centre OCDE Organizacion para la Cooperacion y el Desarrollo Economico ONU Organizacion de las Naciones Unidas PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency
Step 3: Use FLIS to calculate the fuzzy output value, and input the descriptions of uncertainty and ambiguity into the criteria ([x.
The establishment process of FLIS requires: (1) inputting the selected criterion and the definition of fuzzy sets; (2) inputting the definition of the fuzzy sets of output values; (3) establishing the rule base of IF-THEN; (4) considering membership functions; and (5) obtaining the corresponding quantitative output value (figure or ratio) after FLIS de-fuzzification (Hsueh and Yan, 2011).
FLIS President Lynda Andrews told The Press-Enterprise that the privately held insurance company is finalizing marketing plans for Sawyer Cook and negotiating agreements with other CUs in the region to offer insurance products, according to a March 9 article.
These databases are indicated by the five icons circled by the red oval at the top of the screen: FLIS, an Air Force jet, an Army tank, a Marine Corps buoy, and a Navy anchor.
The FLIS uses what it calls the "item name" as its standard naming convention.
If the PN and item name seem to match, click on the FLIS Management icon and you'll find which government agencies/DOD services use the part.
The FLIS AMM project allows DLIS to leverage specifically designed web applications to create mobile media products that permit military personnel to obtain the information they need anywhere, even within the last tactical mile.
If you make no changes, all your searches will be in FLIS.
Click on the green tank icon (or, if you prefer the pull down menu bar, select SERVICE, then ARMY at the FLIS interactive Query screen).