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FLITCHForests for Livelihood Improvement in the Central Highlands
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Among these issues are: 1) the veneer quality improvement associated with no "wobble" of the flitch when using the vacuum system as opposed to the hydraulic system, 2) improved safety for the associates as a result of not having to use the knife to steady the flitch during mounting, and 3) the adoption of state-of-the-art technology and its effect on competition and competitiveness.
Pop was with Polish Haline, and mother was with Jesus Christ, and I ate uncooked bacon from the flitch.
The slicer delivers fast, safe flitch (wood log) loading, thanks to a patented vacuum flitch-loading mechanism.
Hackers want to break into higher ed databases, sometimes to maliciously flitch the identities of students, alumni and staff, sometimes to use universities' servers--which typically run at high speeds--as efficient launch-pads for spare, virus and worm attacks on other servers.
Flitch, Beyond Zippo's "Sliding Scale"--The Third Circuit Clarifies Internet-based Personal Jurisdiction Analysis, 49 Villanova Law Review 931 (2004).
German-Austro troops successfully stormed Italian positions on the Isonzo front between Flitch and Tolimino, the war office official report continued this afternoon.
Bacon had several names or terms to identify it, such as sow-belly, shoulder picnic, side-meat or flitch.
Since leaving New York in the 1980's, she and Olivia, also a sculptor, have lived all over, a year here, a few years there, trying to find the right place to settle: the Illinois boondocks where they built, and finally abandoned, a house; the White Mountains of New Hampshire; a New Mexico canyon; and San Diego, where the unimaginable event occurred when most of her sculpture went up in flames--the event that her recently published book From Flitch To Ash commemorates.
Traditions include the annual Dunmow Flitch Trials - a kind of marital harmony pageant.
For his own first operatic efforts, however, Shield followed the English model, producing The Flitch of Bacon (1778), The Cobler of Cast lebury (1779), and The Siege of Gibraltar (1780).
Alcott describes being summoned home later to `survey the strange flitch as it lay on the table,' and being forbidden to do this part of the shopping in future" (157).
A cant, or flitch, is a tree trunk that's off the stump and limbed just enough to be manueverable.