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FLITCHForests for Livelihood Improvement in the Central Highlands
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From Flitch To Ash, published by Alice Street Editions, is divided into fifteen riffs on art, nature, and the mythology and history of wood carving, and is, as Leslie Brown (her first lover) has described it, "a compact, highly literate meditation on the long, slow process of healing from a terrible loss, the destruction of [her] carvings, turned to ash in a storage fire.
This became a local tradition and a flitch subsequently went to any married man who swore before the congregation and God that he had not quarrelled with his wife for a year and a day.
The flitch is then attached to the flitch table, using either hydraulic "dogs" that work as clamps to hold the flitch tight against the mounting plate of the slicing table or a vacuum system that sucks the log tight against the mounting plate.
Everything of value - down to the last flitch of bacon or the dung-heap in the yard - was duly valued and entered.
Having visited the granite stoneyards at Sintra and seen how they could produce and assemble repetitive components, Rewal decided on a structural system for the Ismaili Centre which, informed by the latest engineering software, would effectively flitch the compressive strength of stone with the tensile strength of steel.
supplies kitchen cabinet, flooring, door and furniture companies throughout the nation with flitch stock, spliced and cut- to-size veneer.
Great Dunmow, near Stansted Airport, is famous for the Dunmow Flitch Trials every leap year.
The writing was on the karaoke screen for patriarch from hell Burke Flitch in Born To Run (Sun, BBC1).
When their men treat them badly, Bron and Lili Flitch take up running and discover they're fit for anything.
The ripping operation started from the outside edge of the flitch and moved inward so as to use mature wood and eliminate juvenile wood.
Once a veneer flitch is selected, it is cut on a Savi guillotine, sequence matched and run through a Black Bros, glue spreader before being laid up in-house on a Joos press.
During the following evenings, a production of the Awmbry Flitch Trial was staged at the Methodist School, a comic cricket contest between ladies and gentlemen wearing period costume was staged, the Push-Ball finals were held, dancing displays and a concert party provided entertainment and on Saturday came the Grand Carnival Procession, sports, tug-of-war, concert party and, to complete the festivities, dancing in the church school to music provided by the Regent Dance Band and a firework display given by Standard Fireworks.