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FLITSFront Line Integrated Test System
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A facile winner of three National Hunt Flat races over the winter, Alfie Flits was not disgraced in much hotter company when he finished fourth in a keenly-contested bumper at Aintree in April.
Between Lovers focuses on a grand diva named Nicole, who flits from one relationship to another and steps on many hearts along the way.
Morris captures animal movement with wit and inventiveness: snake (Mireille Radwan-Dana) slithers along the river bank, peacock (Shawn Gannon) struts with arms crooked back like wings, blue jay (David Leventhal) flits and darts.
I manage to follow along for a while as it flits here and there, but too often I get distracted along the way and suddenly find myself holding a list of things to do the next day rather than a conversation with God.
We conjure something that will last As the brightness flits over the broken roofs; We turn, and believe we aren't turning.
Simply put, one hole, by creating ferromagnetic pockets as it flits about, blazes a trail that other holes can readily follow.
An equine star appearing at Hexham is Alfie Flits, who makes his jumping debut in the Michael Morris 25 Years Loyal Service Novices' Hurdle.
Around them flits elder sister in tutu and toe shoes - to the tunes of her xylophone- playing hubby - while her Russian dance master barks out instructions.
A court heard that mother-of two Davies flits around the country rescuing trapped bats.
This fascinating time-travel story will keep listeners on their toes as author MacGregor flits from present to past and back again.
Her story flits from the present day to her chaotic past, which includes a hypochondriac mother, distant brother, headstrong sister-in-law and non-committing lover.
The bare stage and naked lighting (also designed by Be'er) provide the black-and-white landscape of a dream, shot through with a single streak of color--the green straps that restrain the arms of the dark-haired woman who flits in and out of this narrow psychic space.