FLLCFormat/Logo Licensing Corporation (digital versatile disc manufacturer)
FLLCFamily Limited Liability Company
FLLCForeign Language Learning Center (various locations)
FLLCForeign Languages, Literatures and Cultures (Central Michigan University; Mount Pleasant, MI)
FLLCFull-Load Link-Correlation
FLLCFamily Life Learning Center (Texas)
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The Client : Kronospan FLLC is a wholly-owned Belarusian subsidiary of Kronospan Holdings East Limited, Cyprus.
of Korby, TC Memo 2005-102, the Tax Court devoted substantial discussion to the operations of the FLPs or FLLCs involved.
Deemphasize the tax benefits of creating or using FLPs and FLLCs.
The DVD FLLC does not control the DVD+RW format, or the write-one-time version, DVD+R.
The Technical Coordination Group for DVD FLLC includes Hitachi Ltd.
It is the nature of the rights established, under local law, by use of an FLP or FLLC that supports a valuation different than the net asset value of assets represented by an interest in the entity.
The EBRD is considering providing a two tranche senior loan (EUR 65 million and EUR 35 million) to Kronospan OSB FLLC, Belarus, to finance construction of an oriented strand board (OSB) plant in the Mogilev region of Belarus.