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FLNFront de Libération Nationale (National Liberation Front; political party, Algeria)
FLNFrente de Liberación Nacional (Spanish: National Liberation Force)
FLNFlorianopolis, Santa Catarina, Brazil - Florianopolis (Airport Code)
FLNFirst-Last Names Association Test
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That in itself showed a mixture of the vibrancy of electoral politics in a country that only introduced the multi-party system in 1989 allowing for competitive elections and which had since 1962 when Algeria gained independence from France, was dominated by the FLN.
Haroun, Ali, La geme wilaya, la guerre du FLN en France 1954-1962, Ed.
The process of having a ruling FLN transform into a pluralistic party is difficult, as it entails relinquishing formerly acquired positions and adopting new political values.
Most of those are political movements already allied with the FLN, a signal Bouteflika's backers may be strengthening their position before his official announcement.
The choice was a natural one given the positive assessment" of his three terms as Algerian head of state, FLN head Amar Saidani said in a speech at Saturday's meeting.
The election will be the fourth multiparty parliamentary vote in Algeria, which last went to the polls in 2007 and gave a majority to parties that backed Ouyahia, including the once sole ruling National Liberation Front, FLN.
It was the first time that parliament, where the FLN and other supporters of President Abdelaziz Bouteflika have a big majority, has proposed a debate on the state of emergency.
Such a team would increase the prestige of the FLN, raise the morale of their supporters and provide invaluable propaganda.
He also expressed his consideration to the FLN for its efforts to strengthen the ties binding it to the Rally, through the exchange of visits and the presence of FLN representatives in the RCD Congresses
He idealizes the FLN and its military wing, the ArmEe de LibEration Nationale (ALN).
The main candidates are President Bouteflika and former prime minister Ali Benflis, who is currently the secretary general of the FLN to which the president belongs, as well as being a former ally of the president.