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FLNFront de Libération Nationale (National Liberation Front; political party, Algeria)
FLNFrente de Liberación Nacional (Spanish: National Liberation Force)
FLNFlorianopolis, Santa Catarina, Brazil - Florianopolis (Airport Code)
FLNFirst-Last Names Association Test
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The goals of the FLN are to provide professional learning opportunities; to conduct, collaborate and disseminate relevant research; and to act as the clearinghouse for distributing best and promising practices for current and future "flipped" educators.
Bouteflika had since coming to office on April 15, 1999, restored the FLN to power.
FLN further enhances Zone Club's lifestyle offering by targeting five content genres - Home, Cuisine, Travel, Style and Wellbeing.
Until 1989, the FLN was the country's sole legal political party, along the lines of the former Soviet system.
Toward the end of his essay, Stora explains that a military solution in Algeria is impossible and that a political process is inevitable, especially one that includes the three main forces in the country: the FLN, representative of Arab nationalism; the FIS which represents Islam [an absurd affirmation]; and the FFS, representative of Berberity [another preposterous assertion].
A few of the Algerian officers who saw service in France's colonial wars and in World War II formed a cadre of discontented cells that would create the nucleus of the FLN, which committed atrocities to provoke reactions from French forces.
In the May 12, 2012 parliamentary elections, the FLN won 220 of the 462 seats.
The launch of FLN in South Africa and several other countries in the EMEA region validates the global appeal of lifestyle television programming.
Front de Liberation Nationale, Projet de Programme, FLN Documents (Paris, 1962), 87-90.
To avert, therefore, the possibility of a FIS victory, the FLN government of Moulud Hamrouche engineered in the latter part of 1990 and early 1991 certain amendments to the electoral law designed to disadvantage the FIS.
Although he still can count on strong support from President Bouteflika, who brought him back to Algiers from the World Bank in 1999, the affable and Spanish-speaking Khelil is facing increased pressure from within both the ministry and Sonatrach and from the FLN Party.
The FLN won 199 seats in the new 389-seat assembly.