FLNGFloating Liquefied Natural Gas
FLNGFlorida National Guard
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This report analyses the role of FLNG projects in the global Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) industry amidst growing demand for natural gas, the need for an economical monetization option and increasing discoveries in remote offshore regions.
FLNG unique applications from VP & FLNG Programme Manager, Javid Talib atBlack & Veatch currently executing several FLNG projects includingExmar Pacific Rubiales Barge LNG andGolar's GoFLNGs using Moss LNGC conversion
Making FLNG a reality is no simple feat," said Matthias Bichsel, Shell Projects & Technology Director.
Dantata said: "Nigeria is more of a gas country than oil but this gas is not yet monetised like the oil, so the FLNG facility they are deploying is to serve as means to monetise those stranded gas There are a lot of activities in almost 120 km offshore Nigeria so it will be uneconomical for anybody to explore that gas and pipe them to Nigeria.
Once constructed the FLNG facility will be towed to location where it will be permanently moored in 250 m deep water through the turret, providing weathervaning capabilities, and a 4 x 4 mooring system.
This work follows KBR's recent FLNG front-end projects in London, Houston and Perth.
Commenting on the new contract, Monadelphous Managing Director Rob Velletri said, We are especially pleased to be selected by Shell Australia as a major service provider for the Prelude FLNG facility.
He said the vessel producing company is prepared to sell Iran's FLNG vessels once the sanctions are removed.
A feasibility study for the FLNG project had been made by the two partners.
Tandem offloading, where vessels line up stern to bow, allow vessels to keep more distance between them (328 feet/100 meter distance between FLNG and LNGC or more) and more easily cope with greater wave heights.
FLNG Project Scheduled to Begin Operating in Fourth Quarter 2015