FLNKSFront de Libération Nationale Kanak et Socialiste (French: Kanak and Socialist National Liberation Front)
FLNKSKanak Socialist Front for National Liberation (French: Kanak Socialist National Liberation Front, New Caledonia)
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Puis en 1998, le FLNKS, le RPCR et l'Etat ont elabore un nouveau compromis: jusqu'en 2018, l'Accord de Noumea organise desormais, selon les termes de son preambule, la <<decolonisation>> progressive de l'archipel a travers la construction d'une <<citoyennete>> de la Nouvelle-Caledonie fondee sur un projet de <<destin commun>> entre le <<peuple kanak >> et les autres << communautes >> qui y vivent.
Actually, Pascal Naouna, president of the Union caledonienne, a component of the FLNKS, suggested in 2006 during the 37th congress of the FLNKS that New Caledonia could become a State associated with France to take account of the realities of globalisation.
This was a political concession from the FLNKS in the 1998 Agreement given to the 'Loyalists'.
35) The proindependence Kanak Socialist National Liberation Front (FLNKS), however, sought to restrict the vote to those with at least one parent born in the territory: the Kanak population constituted only 43 percent of the people living in New Caledonia, and the FLNKS restriction would have excluded large numbers of French and Polynesians who have arrived in the past twenty years.
The Noumea Agreement, signed on 5 May 1998 by Lionel Jospin, the French Prime Minister, Jacques Lafleur, and Rock Wamytan, the Chairman of the FLNKS, defined the terms of this consensus at the same time as it laid the foundations for a new relationship between New Caledonia and France.
French representation in the South Pacific has endured adverse Forum reactions before, whether caused by the decolonisation of the New Hebrides, 25 years of nuclear testing in French Polynesia, the Rainbow Warrior bombing, or the treatment of FLNKS demands in New Caledonia.
He maintained this stance when the UC joined the FI in 1979 and then the FLNKS in 1984.