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FLOCFarm Labor Organizing Committee
FLOCFor Love of Children
FLOCFederated Logic Conference
FLOCFlag Letter of Commendation (US DoD)
FLOCForce Logistics Operation Center
FLOCFort Lee Officers Club
FLOCFuzzy Logic Object-Based Classifier
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We have explored the potential of spray-coating of the SWNT flocs as a route for fabricating of large area conductive surfaces.
El Gt de la mezcla tiene un claro efecto sobre la eficiencia de la formacion del floc y, por lo tanto, en la remocion del hierro producido en el reactor; sin embargo, se requiere profundizar en el estudio para separar el efecto del gradiente con respecto al tiempo de residencia.
In September 2004, FLOC won an agreement to represent the 8500 H-2A guestworkers employed by the North Carolina Growers Association ("NCGA").
This paper describes results of both observation of flocs behaviour (depending on substrate character and mode of bioreactor running) and creating of new formulas for software computing of biogas productions for quantifying microbial processes.
At higher concentrations (~ 30 ppmv) of type F demulsifier, the observed floc size is approximately the same as that observed at lower demulsifier concentrations, yet the shape of the flocs appear to be relatively linear (Figure 6).
Next, the water is pumped into eight floculation basins, where the chemicals from the flash mix interact with the water to create floc, or chemically bonded clumps for sedimentation.
Coagulation is the process by which dirt and other suspended solid particles are chemically "stuck together" into floc (clumps of alum and sediment) so that they can be removed from water.
In 1986, after a seven-year consumer boycott, Campbell Soup came to the bargaining table with FLOC and growers to provide a labor agreement for tomato pickers.
FLOC is a migrant farmworker union affiliated with the AFL-CIO, and Maya is also the lead organizer for their immigrant rights campaign.