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FLOEFriends of Lasting Outdoor Education (Canada)
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While this may not be the path customarily taken by new entrants in plastics processing, it's how FLOE International, a family-owned, 32-year-old company, got into the business a year ago.
Floe has been appointed to the senior leadership team of the group of companies to advise, develop and build TVM Capital Healthcare Partner's portfolio companies by exploring opportunities for M&A, equity and debt financings, as well as partnerships to foster further growth within their home countries and internationally.
The ice floe was really big, and I am very thankful to it as it kept me all this time," he smiled.
It features what he considers one of the crowning glories of his career, capturing a pod of killer whales targeting sleeping Weddell seals on Antarctic ice floes before making waves to wash them off and hunt them down in the water.
Since then the ice floe holding both cameras has drifted about 375 miles south.
Finding a suitable ice floe for the stations is becoming harder every year due to global climate change.
When they sent an SOS call on May 8, their floe had cracked into six parts, Russian state television reported.
The break-up of the ice floe poses a threat not only to the station itself and the 16 scientists working there, but could also cause environmental pollution in the area near Canada where it is drifting, the ministry said.
Summary: More than 220 people have been rescued after being stranded on an ice floe.
RUSSIA'S emergency services rescued 675 fishermen yesterday from an ice floe that was drifting out to sea in the far east of the country.
The idea was born at a National Wildlife Refuge near FLOE International Inc.