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FLOPFloating Point Operation
FLOPFloating-Point Operation
FLOPFlowers, Liquor, Orchestra, Photographer (Jewish groom's gifts)
FLOPFire Loss of Profits (insurance)
FLOPFirst Letters of Phrase (password creation technique)
FLOPFortran Language Oriented Parser (computer programming)
FLOPFluorescent Lipid Oxidation Products
FLOPFriends of Leash Optional Park (Winter Springs, FL)
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Table I: Comparison Of Master Slave Flip Flop And Pulsed Latch Latch Parameters Measured Delay Power Power Area (nS) Consumption Delay ([micro] (mW) Product [m.
Flip Flop Shop's franchise model allows it to showcase its diverse portfolio of brands in an immersive retail environment that engages customers of all ages in new and exciting ways.
Sticking with the 6c-6d, suppose the flop is now Qh-6h-6d, giving you four of a kind (quads, in poker speak).
Paired board: Any flop that produces a pair is a reason to hit the brakes -- especially if you failed to isolate an opponent and three or four players see the flop.
With a conventional flip flop, "There's no support for the arch, the heel or the medial column," McKinney said.
Imagine you're dealt 6d, 7d and the flop is Ks, 7c, 2d.
Then, in 1973, Hilly Kristal opened Country, Bluegrass and Blues (CBGB) and Other Music for Uplifting Gourmandizers (OMFUG) on the ground floor of the Palace Hotel flop at 315 Bowery, across from Bleecker.
SHOE PEOPLE: Tony Blair and David Cameron should try flip flops
Each new movie is a hit with probability p and a flop with probability 1 - p.
And Julie Mehretu's A Renegade Excavation, 2001, is worlds apart from Nauman's Mapping the Studio II With Color Shift, Flip, Flop & Flip/Flop (Fat Chance John Cage) All Action Edit, 2001.
But no, flop, flop, flop is the noise of new shows closing prematurely.
In the next election, the voters flop toward the Democrats, based on lofty promises such as "re-engineering" government to protect personal freedom, but get cheated by classic tax-and-spend Democratic politics, which produce pork-barrel crime bills and colossal boondoggles such as Hillary Clinton's health-care plan - a plan that threatens your right to choose your own doctor and keep your medical records private.