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Our new brand message is about feeling free to floss anywhere, anytime.
According to Sharan Raj, a lead analyst for health and wellness research at Technavio, Dental floss sales have increased globally owing to the awareness of various preventive health measures, which have resulted in high spending on oral or dental care products.
5, creating a more susceptible environment for the bacteria to colonize, causing dental cavities between the teeth where a toothbrush cannot reach, but dental floss can.
I recommend everyone asks their dentist how to floss.
Every time I squeezed the waxy little string between two of my teeth, just at that first moment, when you penetrate and the floss hits the gum: Ouch
The only reason this worries me is because I've been using dental floss for 30 years and if they stop making it I've no idea how will tie my carp bait on to my hooks.
Choose the tool that works best for you, whether it's using actual floss or a water flosser.
For removal of plaque from these surfaces, dental floss is recommended by oral health practitioners.
Adding a whitening component to floss picks is a new endeavor for the Maryville, Tenn.
The "Go Floss Yourself" campaign urges people "to be bold enough" to tell a coworker, friend or loved one to "go F themselves"--with "F" as a short way of saying "floss"--to remind them to floss.
24 April 2014 - US radio broadcaster Ludwig Enterprises Inc (OTCMKTS:LUDG) has combined operations with domestic magazine publisher Floss Publishing Inc, the pair said, without disclosing the terms of the transaction.
MAKING embroidery floss Easter eggs is a great activity.