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FLOTUSFirst Lady Of The United States
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But what POTUS (the president of the United States) and FLOTUS (the first lady of the United States) are doing on their travels is nothing new or abnormal.
POTUS and FLOTUS were seen briefly on their way in to the restaurant, and POTUS waved to a person who said hello to him from a balcony a few floors up in the Newseum Residences," the Politico quoted the report as saying.
It's hard to pinpoint only one standout moment for the FLOTUS, whose unforgettable wardrobe provided a myriad of successes in style.
The FLOTUS, also credited with kick-starting the careers of designers like Jason Wu and Thakoon Panichgul just by showing up in their creations, lands a company $14 million on average every time she dons an ensemble, according to the same study.
Perhaps, then, those metallic pumps the FLOTUS paired the dress with could jolt the deficit.