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FLPFamily Limited Partnership
FLPFollow Up
FLPFacility Layout Problem
FLPFinishing Line Press (Georgetown, KY)
FLPFruity Loops File
FLPForest Legacy Program (USDA)
FLPFunctional Logic Programming
FLPFinancial Literacy Program (various organizations)
FLPFiji Labor Party
FLPFlippase (genetics)
FLPFamily Literacy Project (various locations)
FLPFamily Law Project (various locations)
FLPFast Link Pulse
FLPFront de Libération de la Palestine
FLPFront de Libération de la Polynésie (French: Front for the Liberation of Polynesia)
FLPFlow Line Pressure (petroleum industry)
FLPFasting Lipid Profile (lab test)
FLPFamily Living Program (various locations)
FLPFake Login Page (phishing technique)
FLPFloating Loading Platform (oilfield)
FLPFeel Lucky Punk? (Quake2 gaming clan)
FLPFrançais Langue Professionnelle (French: French Language Education)
FLPFrance Leduc Productions (France)
FLPFault Location Panel
FLPFund Linked Products Group (Credit Suisse)
FLPFlorida Light and Power
FLPFinancial Law Panel
FLPForklift Pockets
FLPForever Living Products LLC (Scottsdale, Arizona)
FLPFractional Load Planning
FLPFlying Laptop
FLPFlexible Precoding
FLPFunny-Looking Parent
FLPFixed Logical Path
FLPFixed Log Periodical
FLPFinal Layer Painting
FLPFestival Leisure Park (shopping centre in Basildon, Essex, England)
FLPFighting Landplane (US Navy)
FLPFront-Line Professional (National Health Service; UK)
FLPFluorescent Panel
FLPFaith and Life Press (Newton, KS)
FLPFractional Linear Program
FLPFlippin, Arkansas, USA - Marion County Regional Airport
FLPFunny Looking Person
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The new book provides Chinese wisdom and solution to developing a community with a shared future for mankind, as well as in promoting peace and development, according to the FLP statement.
The FLP is likewise offering cash prizes for the best dissertations of junior, senior and graduate students of law also for the school year 2017-2018.
The FLP aims to increase the productivity of its members and the quality of the texts written by them; to build up a network of writers producing high-quality and educative texts; to improve reading and writing culture in the community; and to campaign for a better life for writers.
Even in that case, each outsider must have had at least 10 percent for at least three years, outsiders as a group must have 20 percent, and outsiders must have a put right to receive the undiscounted value of their share of FLP assets on six months notices.
Alternatively, if the owner has family members to whom he or she wants to transfer the assets, an FLP can be a good option, if it has a valid business purpose.
The value of the limited partnership interests for gift tax purposes is discounted to reflect the lack of control those interests have over the FLP as well as the lack of market for them.
The goal of the research was to evaluate correlations of the expression levels of VEGFR-3 and CXCR4 with clinical outcome in a randomised Phase III trial of 72 patients treated with FLO versus FLP.
Several publications have proposed techniques to improve this trade-off, and as a result, the LNS able to operate at better performance than FXP or FLP [1,7].
The FLP wanted to branch out into the SEPTA system in April in conjunction with National Library Week and its own Philadelphia Book Festival; however, the library needed a sponsor to keep the project on track.
The decedent began the process of creating a FLP and expressed her intent to transfer certain bonds into that FLP.
In particular, the decedent transferred mainly securities and cash to the FLP and his investment strategies remained consistent with those before the transfers.
The extent to which F&FSL standards and benchmarks were addressed by FLP lesson units per F&FSL grade level grouping (K-1, 2-3; 4-5).