FLPPForeign Language Proficiency Pay
FLPPFuture Launchers Preparatory Programme (European Space Agency)
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Previously, FLPP guidance limited the highest language pay rates to only those people performing language duties.
Since sufficient strategic capability in these languages already exists, the Air Force stopped paying FLPP July 1 to members for these languages unless they are performing language duties in an authorized AFSC or language-designated position.
The new FLPP guidance also states that incentive payments are no longer limited to two languages.
Air Force Reservists can find more details about FLPP online at https://arpc.
A DOD initiative of 2004 to pay all linguists (including Guard and Reserve) an FLPP bonus has borne fruit in the Ronald W.
In addition, FLPP should be increased and made available to everyone who qualifies for it.
The good news of a large FLPP bonus in the FY 2005 National Defense Authorization Act is tempered by the bad news that it included no additional funds to pay for the bonus.
Adding language-awareness events at the same time would be a natural tie-in, especially if base education centers made attendees aware of DLPT testing and FLPP opportunities.
However, I do believe FLPP is one of the main reasons for the improvement in Army linguist proficiency.
No matter how well trained the Army's linguists were when they graduated from DLIFLC, no matter how much money they were offered in FLPP, no matter how clever the Command Language Program manager was, if the unit commander was not interested and involved, there was no maintenance or sustainment--much less improvement--in the proficiency of the unit's linguists.