FLRAFederal Labor Relations Authority
FLRAFamily Law Reform Act of 1969 (UK)
FLRAFamily Law Reform Association (Australia)
FLRAField Level Risk Assessments
FLRAFair Labor Relations Act
FLRAFemale Labor Reform Association (Lowell, MA)
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The FLRA administers the labor-management-relations program for 2.
and "[agency]") & DA(aft 12-31-2002 & bef 04-01-2013)--for each of the following agencies: USDA, BIA, CFTC, DEA, DHS, EPA, Education, FCC, FDA, FERC, FLRA, FMC, FMSC, FTC, HHS, HUD, Interior, ITC, Labor, NLRB, NTSB, OSHA, SEC, SSA, Transportation, and the Postal Service.
FLRA has submitted a proposal to the Borough of Fort Lee to redevelop the 7-acre east parcel of the property into The Center at Fort Lee, a carefully planned, mixed-use town center development designed by Elkus Manfredi Architects, the country's foremost architectural and master planning firm.
The FLRA cases, as well as those involving the Merit Systems Protection Board, (55) perhaps can be rationalized on the ground that one federal agency stands in the shoes of government employees and thus its position with respect to the employing agencies is sufficiently adverse to permit suit.
The FLRA could issue compliance requirements for cities, and if the FLRA believed that the city did not comply, seek injunctive relief and resolution through the courts.
97) The agency filed exceptions for FLRA consideration.
Loy took the position, first, that the FLRA did not have jurisdiction; secondly, if they did have jurisdiction, they couldn't overturn him because of national security; and third, that if a union is going to be given recognition it must be agency wide, not airport by airport.
FLRA,(163) the Fourth Circuit recognized that an individual's name and home address "is a matter of public record in motor vehicle registration and licensing records.
Department secretary Jack Kemp refused to sign the agreement arguing that the nondiscrimination policy exceeded federal law, but the Federal Labor Relations Authority (FLRA) upheld the agreement, and a federal court upheld the FLRA on appeal.
A major issue for all three (but particularly for the arbitrators) is the tendency for arbitration awards to be appealed and overturned by the FLRA.