FLREAFlorida Law Related Education Association, Inc.
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The Florida Law-Focused Model for Civic Learning and FLREA
It is so important to have judges and trial attorneys participate in every round," said Erin Crowe, FLREA program coordinator for competition.
Graduates of FLREA programs have become lawyers, legislators, and participatory citizens.
Outreach and Development Subcommittee team leader Peter DiPace worked to involve voluntary bar associations in the promotion of FLREA and LREC.
The Law Related Education Committee works closely with the nonprofit FLREA to advance law related education initiatives ranging from academic competitions and law magnet programs to curriculum development and teacher training.
FLREA and Justice Teaching can provide course outlines and teaching materials, while the inns, local bars, and Council of Sections can help find volunteers and venues for public instruction, he said.
In light of the enormous funding cuts burdening the state and particularly the educational and court systems, the committee was instrumental in helping FLREA develop a new strategy to help offset some of the rising costs for the increasingly popular competition programs.
To help offset some of the rising expenses for the program held annually at the Orange County Courthouse in Orlando, The Florida Bar Standing Committee on Law Related Education, along with FLREA, have developed a sponsorship initiative to help raise funds for the mock trial program, as well as its companion appellate program.
A complete middle school course has been developed for local districts, based on Miami-Dade's required civics course, and Palm Beach County adopted and implemented that curriculum in the 2005-2006 school year, according to FLREA.
He gave not only of his time but he also intuitively recognized the need and offered funding for our organization to assist with training over 3,000 plus judges and lawyers throughout the state who had enlisted as volunteers with the new Justice Teaching initiative," said FLREA board member Lonnie Groot.
FLREA has created multiple law electives for students at the high school level including constitutional law, court procedures, and international law.
As in years past, members of the committee have assisted FLREA with its ongoing programs, including the Mock Trial Competition and We the People mock congressional hearing.