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FLUFlute (music scores)
FLUFinancial Litigation Unit (US Department of Justice)
FLUFault Location Unit
FLUForced Labour Unit (gaming, Master of Orion 3)
FLUFleet Life Expenditure
FLUForestry and Land Use (various organizations)
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We aimed to uncover what people talk and share about online when it comes to the flu and see if there is a link to flu virality offline," said Berger.
Once you've had the flu vaccine, you're protected for lifeNo, you aren't.
With flu season gearing up, now is the perfect time to sign up for the challenge and ask others to take flu surveys, said Michelle Holshue, RN, APHA's Flu Near You fellow.
Dr Sharon Hopkins, director of public health at Cardiff and Vale University Health Board, said: "The seasonal flu stocks are running low and we have agreed to release the H1N1 vaccine.
The flu is contagious--that means it spreads from person to person, often through the air.
To get a better picture of how well flu vaccines may work, it helps to understand a little bit about the virus that causes the disease.
In one such year, the new study found that a conventional flu shot called Fluzone was more effective than a newer, inhaled vaccine called FluMist.
Karen Alvarado-Pantazi, the flu clinic coordinator at the Kaiser Permanente Medical Center in Panorama City, said vaccinations became available there in late October.
Of the five ways any infectious disease can spread, the flu has only two of them, by direct and indirect contact, through eyes, nose and mouth, and by droplet.
A: Seasonal human flu viruses also came from birds, but these viruses have existed for many years.
In contrast, planning for pandemic flu "demands a different set of continuity assumptions, since it will be widely dispersed geographically and potentially arrive in waves that could last several months at a time.
Even if Bird Flu were to evolve into a virus that can be transmitted from human to human, the risks that airline passengers would fact would depend on several factors such as how easily the virus can be transmitted, the amount of time between exposure and the onset of symptoms, and the likelihood that a person infected with this virus would eventually die from the effects of the disease.