FLUDFramework for Logging Usability Data
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All of these goals coincide with Volvo Aero's FLUD project, "Swedish demonstrator for environmentally compatible aircraft engines.
Karmaloop TV also features "Channels" that have curated original content created by brands, record labels, and celebrities they include: Matt Alonzo, The Visual Vandal, Dirty Laces, Stagg Street (erotic photog Ellen Stagg), Friends Vision, Palladium, Soul Assassins TV, Noir Media, Lamp & Boat, Insight, Here Comes The Neighborhood, FLUD Way TV, Exposure, Cypress Hill Smokeout, Derrick G Channel, CtotheJL, Burton TV, All Day, Illusive Media, Hearty Magazine, By Any Means, Skullcandy TV, Society Original Projects, Lrg, Gravis, N.
FLUD, a news-reader application for iPad, iPhone, and Android devices based in San Diego, California, and soon to launch a business development office in Detroit.