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FLUMPFlexible Ubiquitous Monitor Project (Lancaster University)
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The plot revolved around the adventures of a family of furry characters called The Flumps.
Swathes of poster paint daubed across the landscape by a six year old - a landscape where a soundtrack of birdsong and rushing meltwater has finally prevailed over the creaks and flumps of snow.
a full-sized EMT bag flumps onto the ground next to me, followed by a petite woman, who dives right in.
The child, exhausted, flumps over Lute's shoulder as he carries her to the car service.
In comparison, the comedian's hobbies include drinking alcohol, attempting to find romance and developing an unhealthy addiction to Flumps.
Who remembers Tooty Frooties, Flumps, Wham bars, Highland Chews, Sherbet Dib Dabs and Flying Saucers?
And then the wildest sister rejoices and whirls and flumps down in the horsetail.
Haribo Starmix, Swizzels Monster Mix, Barratts Flumps marshmallows, Trident Splash gum (strawberry & lime), Bon Bon Buddies SpongeBob SquarePants yummy jellys selection pack, Hartley's 125g pot jelly (orange, strawberry and blackcurrant), Fanta fruit twist drink, Oasis summer fruits drink, Green's Ben and Jerry's strawberry cake mix (waferettes), Crusha raspberry and strawberry flavour milk shake mixes, Yop strawberry and raspberry drinks, Huhba Bubba strawberry gum, Disney Princess cup cake mix (decorations).
A division of Cadbury Trebor Bassett, Monkhill Confectionery manufactures well-known British sweets, such as Barratt Refreshers, Flumps, Fruit Salad, Black Jacks and Butterkist Popcorn.
7 Forthwith, I'm going to wear matching underwear - and not just because I've made the oft-repeated mistake of putting something red in with the whites, leaving my entire stock of not-so-smalls a delicate shade of Flumps.
So, sounding like an ancient old granny, I told watch Bagpuss and The Flumps in one day.
Anya McClure: The Clangers, The Flumps and the Magic Roundabout ?