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FLUTDFeline Lower Urinary Tract Disease
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Cats are good at concealing their pain and suffer in silence from potentially deadly UTI and FLUTD and this revolutionary cat litter was developed keeping that in mind and we guarantee you that it will make a positive difference in your cat's life" says Paul Lien, the owner of Perfect Litter.
The patented color-changing property is an early-warning indicator of the presence of or propensity for FLUTD, which is the number one feline insurance claim as reported by the Veterinary Pet Insurance Co.
Although a recent study published in Veterinary Economics found FLUTD as the number one reason cats are presented to the veterinarian (outside of routine care)(1), the Cat Behavior Survey uncovered that less than half of cat owners (46%) would take their cats to a veterinarian for urinating outside of the litter box (inappropriate elimination) -- one of the classic warning signs of FLUTD.
Besides inappropriate elimination, additional warning signs of FLUTD -- straining to urinate, urinating more frequently and/or cats crying out when urinating -- can be misinterpreted as "behavioral problems," often sending cats to shelters rather than to the veterinarian for the care they require.
Thirty years of research has failed to identify absolute causes of FLUTD, but defects in the bladder lining, the formation of bladder stones and inflammation of the bladder wall causing leakage of a sticky material.