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FLUXFlorida Linux User Xchange
FLUXFranc Luxemburguès (national currency)
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Yes; and we had before agreed that anything of this kind which we might find was to be described as matter of opinion, and not as matter of knowledge; being the intermediate flux which is caught and detained by the intermediate faculty.
Concerts and plays swept past them, money had been spent and renewed, reputations won and lost, and the city herself, emblematic of their lives, rose and fell in a continual flux, while her shallows washed more widely against the hills of Surrey and over the fields of Hertfordshire.
Oh, where is there deliverance from the flux of things and from the 'existence' of penalty?
But though he had a fine flux of words, and delivered his little voice with great pomposity and pleasure to himself, and never advanced any sentiment or opinion which was not perfectly trite and stale, and supported by a Latin quotation; yet he failed somehow, in spite of a mediocrity which ought to have insured any man a success.
There was nothing stable in the anarchic flux of affairs that swept her on she knew not to what catastrophic end.
I told her my condition, and what a different flux and reflux of tears and hopes I had been agitated with; I told her what I had escaped, and upon what terms; and she was present when the minister expressed his fears of my relapsing into wickedness upon my falling into the wretched companies that are generally transported.
Kezia's entrance, with very black looks, to inquire if she shouldn't bring in the tea now, or whether the toast was to get hardened to a brick, was a seasonable check on Bob's flux of words, and hastened his parting bow.
Thus, for this study, the six solder pastes and liquid fluxes used were identified as Solder Paste A (leaded no-clean), Solder Paste B (lead-free no-clean), Solder Paste C (no-clean tacky flux), Wave Flux D (no-clean leaded process), Wave Flux E (no-clean lead-free process) and Wave Flux F (no-clean lead-free process).
Flux Mopeds was created to deliver an alternative to the gas-powered scooter.
Board preheating is necessary to evaporate flux solvents and to prepare the board and flux for soldering.
These Configurations of motors have many various motors that divided two groups Axial flux PM Motor (AFPM) and Radial flux PM Motor (RFPM).
They can implement the discipline needed to use rotary flux injection or settle for a different technology for metal cleaning that does not require as much attention but is still superior to manual treatment or no flux at all.