FLVAFederation of Licensed Victuallers Associations (UK)
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We are very proud of these scores and the continued academic excellence of the K12 program in Florida," said Patty Betoni, FLVA Head of School and Director of K12 Virtual Instruction Programs.
FLVA uses the high quality and innovative learning program developed by K12 Inc.
FLVA students receive an individualized learning program using the K12 curriculum.
The FLVA program began offering its program to families across the state in 2003.
FLVA at Palm Beach County and FLVA at Broward County will offer flexible and personalized learning programs that work for all types of students, from advanced learners to students with special needs.
FLVA at Palm Beach County and FLVA at Broward County will follow all state accountability standards and requirements.
The survey was mailed to 17,500 members of the BII and 600 members of the FLVA in week commencing October 2007.
org; FLVA - Tony Payne, CBE, T: +44(0)1484-710534, E: admin@flva.
Mr Payne said the other workers at the FLVA deserved credit for his CBE, as well as his wife Barbara.
By combining individualized online instruction, hands-on curriculum and the support of highly qualified and state-certified Florida teachers, FLVA helps students discover their individual learning style.
FLVA is available tuition-free to students through a partnership between K[sup.
Along with FLVA at Duval, the FLVA charter schools Palm Beach, Broward and Pinellas are also expected to open in 2013.