FMAPFederal Medical Assistance Percentage
FMAPFuture of Marine Animal Populations (Halifax, NS, Canada)
FMAPFabrica Militar de Armas Portatiles
FMAPFlorida Market Assistance Plan
FMAPFabrication Menuiserie Aluminium et Pose (French: Aluminium Joinery Manufacture and Installation)
FMAPFan Marker Approach
FMAPFinancial Management Assistance Project
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Fausto said FMAP thought of creating such program in line with its objective to educate and improve professionalism in the industry.
We recommend that state and federal governments evaluate the cost-effectiveness of offering FMAP incentives to Medicaid programs so that vulnerable low-income women receive the same comprehensive preventive services that privately insured women can now access under the ACA.
These algorithms have the potential to improve the ability and ease through which states determine the level of FMAP that applies to their Medicaid populations.
Medicaid enrollment will still increase, requiring the state to pay the traditional FMAP for the previously eligible population that now enrolls in Medicaid because of the individual mandate, the outreach of states to enroll individuals to apply for subsidized coverage in the exchanges, and the simplification of Medicaid eligibility procedures.
The increased FMAP funds provided by the Recovery Act were more responsive to state Medicaid needs than were funds provided after the 2001 recession.
This is no different than in 2003, when [then-President] Bush gave an enhanced FMAP and a grant of dollars to every state and the state of Texas got $1.
Earlier last year, Congress appeared on the verge of extending the enhanced FMAP through June 30, 2011, which is the end of FY 2011 for 46 states.
Starting September 16 and continuing through the end of the fiscal year, payments from aid to localities in the General Fund and the State special revenue fund would be reduced by a uniform percentage until the FMAP saving of $1.
The bill, called the Federal Medical Assistance Percentages extension, or FMAP extension, would extend funding from the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act of 2009 - the stimulus package - to state Medicaid programs, as well as programs to help preserve the jobs of teachers, police officers, firefighters and other public employees.
Newly eligible enrollees will continue to be covered at 90 percent FMAP while others will be covered at original, lower FMAP rates.