FMCOFormal Methods for Components and Objects
FMCOFonds pour les Manifestations Culturelles de l'Ontario (French: Ontario Fund for Cultural Events; Ontario, Canada)
FMCOFlower Mound Community Orchestras (Flower Mound, TX)
FMCOFlower Mound Chamber Orchestra (Flower Mound, TX)
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The 24th FMCO was task-organized under the 1st Sustainment Brigade for OIF 07-09.
The battalion commander, the FM SPO section, and the 24th FMCO commander and sergeant major went to Fort McCoy, Wisconsin, to observe Army Reserve finance predeployment training and to meet two Army Reserve detachments that would deploy with the 24th FMCO.
The FM SPO section also initiated communication with the 15th Finance Battalion in Iraq to learn about reporting procedures and requirements, customer service workload, locations of detachments and their finance support teams' missions, the financial impact of the surge, guidance for the FM SPO section, and the transition process between the 15th Finance Battalion and the 24th FMCO.
Understanding that the closure of the disbursing account would take time, the FMCO enlisted the assistance of the theater FMC and the ARCENT G-8 to be reassigned from USF-I to ARCENT so that it could stay an additional 90 days to close out operations.
Coordinate with G-8 to ensure all open lines of accounting involving contracts owned by the 9th FMCO were closed.
Having identified the major specified and implied tasks required to close the account, the FMCO then focused on establishing timelines and benchmarks for evaluating progress.
The next challenge was to integrate FMCO operations with the 316th Sustainment Command (Expeditionary) and the 336th Financial Management Command (FMC) to solidify reporting requirements and the flow of reports in theater.
Once the command and technical relationships were cemented, the 82d FMCO began developing solutions to the larger challenges in finance operations.
Next, the FMCO concentrated on converting contract payments from U.
The sergeant major is the senior technical adviser to the FMCO commander.
Although the FMCO is smaller than the battalion staff was, it still has an internal control team that works for the commander, the central disbursing office, a resource management team, an automation team, the finance operations office, and the headquarters section.
Since the transformation, when the detachments deploy, they report to a FMCO that now falls under the STB, a subordinate unit to the sustainment brigade.