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FMCWFrequency-Modulated Continuous Wave
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To solve these problems Krohne installed a BM 700 FMCW radar level measurement system, which incorporates a unique stainless steel 'stilling well antenna'.
Consistency of accuracy is ensured by the use of FMCW technology.
Both the E-6061 and E-6071 are used to test any and all radar altimeter formats and encryptions including FMCW (Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave), CDF (Constant Difference Frequency), pulsed or non-pulsed, spread spectrum, frequency hopping, variable power, and LPI (Low Probability of Intercept).
Our radar is uniquely suited for operation in extreme weather and hilly/rocky terrain due to the combination of our PESA electronic-scanning, Doppler and FMCW technology C Cambridge Pixel's tracker adds another string to our bow
At Automotive Testing Expo, Rohde & Schwarz will demonstrate the analyzer equipped with the R&S FSW K60 option for transient analysis and the R&S FSW K60C extension for FMCW signal analysis.
Phase detector on the new ADF4159 can operate up to 110 MHz and consumes less than 100 mW; includes high resolution 25-bit fractional-N modulus and on chip FMCW ramp generation
Deployment of Blighter electronic scanning FMCW Doppler radars at Heathrow has led to considerable savings and a marked improvement in detection - with minimal installation costs
Tactical radar station "Scout" composed of: Tactical Radar FMCW low power Signl Scout and ARPA;
These solutions include multiple antenna FMCW (frequency modulated continuous wave) range and Doppler processing, as well as AoA (angle-of-arrival), CA (cell averaging), and OS-CFAR (ordered statistics constant false alarm rate) processing.
Tactical radar station Scout composed of: Tactical Radar FMCW low power Signl Scout and ARPA;1.
Plextek's advanced Blighter electronic-scanning FMCW Doppler ground surveillance radars and track record in South Korea with border surveillance installation were factors in agreement
Blighter's the only e-scan radar to offer coactive FMCW Doppler fast-scan capability, and this gives it the edge over other e-scan radars in heavily cluttered environments such as those found in commercial airports.