FMDRFundação Municipal de Desenvolvimento Rural (Portuguese: Municipal Foundation for Rural Development)
FMDRFonds Mutualisé Départemental de Revitalisation (French: Shared Departmental Revitalization Fund)
FMDRFacilities Management Data Repository (Logica; UK)
FMDRFluorescence-Microwave Double-Resonance
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The average cost of an FMDR is approximately $6,000 per case, whereas the yearly operational cost of fluoridating AN villages that have piped water distribution is approximately $4 per person (7).
In this remote region, approximately 400 FMDRs were performed in AN children aged <6 years in 2007; the region has approximately 600 births per year.
Y, en 1995, Gerardo Ruiz fue presidente de la FMDR en el Estado de Mexico.