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FMDVFoot and Mouth Disease Virus
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The objective of this study was to determine the sero-prevalence of antibodies against non-structural proteins (NSP) of FMDV in sheep and goats kept in close contact with cattle and buffaloes.
In addition, FMDV anc SVDV affect different organs of susceptible animals--the heart, lungs, lymph nodes, bone marrow, and central nervous system (14,15)--suggesting a wide organ tropism ol these viruses.
Buffaloes are considered major hosts within FMDV ecology due to the fact that they undergo frequently a subclinical course, infection can be established at pharyngeal level even though there are neutralizing antibodies from previous infections or vaccinations, and there is the possibility of FMDV transmission to other animals sharing the same pastures or installations, such as cattle [2, 11, 12].
The link between diverse immunogenomic structures of cattle and the immunity to FMDV has been investigated in a limited way.
A total of 280 samples (saliva, tracheal and vesicular swabs) were collected from thirty herds of goats in twelve outbreaks clinically suspected for FMDV during 2009 in Sargodha, Faisalabad and Multan districts of Punjab, Pakistan.
So, at the very least, we should take a look at the possibilities for detecting FMDV early on.
This has mostly prevented its use in USA, Europe and Australia and other currently FMDV free countries, which mostly rely instead on quarantine and control.
The vaccine made by the Institute of Animal Health consisted of a plasmid containing FMDV type O sequences coding for viral coat and other proteins.
This characteristic allows the RP-based FMDV vaccine to be produced in Harrisvaccines' USDA-licensed production facility in Ames.
This finding is noteworthy because SVA disease appears to be clinically indistinguishable from other vesicular diseases of swine (4,5,8), especially FMDV (9-11), which is a highly transmissible livestock disease that can cause devastating economic losses to the agricultural industry and disruption of the human food supply.
Results showed that by redesigning vaccines to target Tcells, a different kind of immune response to FMDV could be induced.