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FMDVFoot and Mouth Disease Virus
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The link between diverse immunogenomic structures of cattle and the immunity to FMDV has been investigated in a limited way.
In Uganda, SAT 3 FMDV was most recently identified in 1997 in buffalo in the Queen Elizabeth National Park (QENP) (5).
So, at the very least, we should take a look at the possibilities for detecting FMDV early on.
This has mostly prevented its use in USA, Europe and Australia and other currently FMDV free countries, which mostly rely instead on quarantine and control.
The vaccine made by the Institute of Animal Health consisted of a plasmid containing FMDV type O sequences coding for viral coat and other proteins.
And, because only a portion of the FMDV genetic information is required to generate a vaccine, the RP-based approach will allow for the differentiation of infected from vaccinated animals (DIVA) when used with current and next generation FMD serology-based diagnostic assays, which is very important in the event of an outbreak.
Results showed that by redesigning vaccines to target Tcells, a different kind of immune response to FMDV could be induced.
FMDV serotypes O, A, and Asia 1 are widespread in Southeast Asia (1).
Replikins TransFoot and Mouth Disease (FMD) Vaccine(TM) Now Available; Highest Replikin Count in FMDV in 52 Years Found in 2009
FMDV serotypes O, A, and Asia 1 are endemic to countries in mainland Southeast Asia (Cambodia, Laos, peninsula Malaysia, Myanmar, Thailand, and Vietnam) where regular outbreaks of FMD have been reported (1,2).
He will review their use in eradicating FMDV from Europe and in controlling disease in many parts of the world.
FMDV belongs to the genus Aphthovirus in the family Picornaviridae and possesses a single strand of positive-sense RNA genome.