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FMECAFailure Mode, Effects and Criticality Analysis
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RCFA-2 are often complemented by ART-functional stresses; preliminary physical simulations and data mining, statistical and reliability analyses (histograms, MTTF, FTA, FMECA, etc) [28].
De hecho una de las combinaciones comunes para soportar un analisis RCA es la de FMECA y FTA.
FMEA, while similar to FMECA, does not take criticality into account and thus does not completely address the potential impact of a risk.
In particular, the study has confirmed that the use of such tools and methodologies as six sigma, SPC, and FMECA has a significant impact on commercial performance.
FMECA in aerospace dates back to the late 1940s, Weibull analysis was first described in a 1951 paper by Waloddi Weibull and modern DoE dates back to 1935 with the work of Sir Ronald Fisher for instance.
The importance of reaccomplishing the FMECA analysis at appropriate intervals cannot be overstated; the cost efficiencies are realized by analyzing performance data on a recurring or iterative basis.
Identification and risk assessment is undertaken using various methods and procedures, such as checklists, "What--if', HAZOP, FMEA, FMECA, Event tree, Fault tree, methods for relative prioritization of risks, etc.
The US Department of Defense incorporates into the existing FMEA framework a critical analysis obtaining the FMECA method (US MILITARY STANDARD 1629A, 1980).
Then root-cause analyses are performed, using mostly analytical techniques such as HAZOP, FTA, FMECA, ETA and design reviews.
Furthermore, considerable potential exists to apply FMECA analysis to the design and development of new autonomous machines.
FMECA, Kapur said, attempts to detect and evaluate potential product-related failure modes by ranking each possible mode by both the probabilities of its occurrence and detection and the severity of its effects.
Table 2 shows a partial FMECA for a chilled water system.