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FMECAFailure Mode, Effects and Criticality Analysis
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The initial step in performing FMECA is establishing what system faults or risks are possible.
The identification of supply chain management risks can be improved by applying FMECA tools whereby managers consider a full range of undesirable events and build--either from a top-down or bottom-up approach--the basic events that culminate into the main undesirable event (UUE).
FMECA in aerospace dates back to the late 1940s, Weibull analysis was first described in a 1951 paper by Waloddi Weibull and modern DoE dates back to 1935 with the work of Sir Ronald Fisher for instance.
It is the starting point for many reliability engineering processes such as FMECA, DoE and accelerated testing.
FMECA (Failure Mode Effects & Criticality Analysis) is a process used in design, process/manufacturing and in field service applications.
FMECA is used to evaluate the effects and sequences of events caused by a specific failure mode--it is powerfully used to identify weak spots in the design for instance.
The importance of reaccomplishing the FMECA analysis at appropriate intervals cannot be overstated; the cost efficiencies are realized by analyzing performance data on a recurring or iterative basis.
Drawing on the operational systems performance data already being collected, engineers could reevaluate the FMECA for each type of aircraft and realign the inspections into intervals based on the new failure projections, establishing preventive tasks as required based on the analysis.
65) For the C-5 fleet, AFMC has invested approximately $7M to date to standardize historical performance data and conduct a complete FMECA evaluation of all the aircraft's systems.
Example of partial FMECA for Chilled Water Plant Failure Mode Severity of Component(s) Failure Local Effect failure of Failure Sustained loss I.
FMECA is a systematic way of examining a design prospectively for possible ways in which failure can occur.
The FMECA is just one such simple method that helps to take into consideration factors that could potentially increase risks and provide the criticality of the whole transportation system employed.