FMERFirstMerit Corporation (stock symbol)
FMERFirst Marblehead Education Resources
FMERForeign Material Exploitation Report (US DoD)
FMERFunds and Man-Hours Expenditure Report (defense industry)
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The FMER SOL DC filter on the DC side of the inverter ensures EMC compliance and overall reliability.
The same applies to the test-based Certified Defense Financial Manager-Acquisition (CDFM-A) credential--if the new guy or gal can self-study, learn the material, and pass the tests, then surely all of the more seasoned FMers can do the same.
Airmen rely on our enlisted FMers to deliver financial service support so they can focus on their missions, and commanders depend on enlisted FMers to have the financial analysis skills needed to support dynamic decision making in a complex fiscal environment.
Four out of our six eligible staff sergeants were selected for promotion to technical sergeant, a whopping 66 percent (compared to 18 percent of FMers in the Air Force).