FMFSFestival Mediteranskog Filma Split (Croatian: Mediterranean Film Festival Split)
FMFSFarm Mutual Financial Services, Inc. (UK)
FMFSFile Management Firmware Set
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The SH-2G(I) FMFS will also be upgraded using the latest-generation CAE Medallion-6000 image generator and Common Database (CDB) architecture.
CAE will immediately commence major updates and obsolescence management to the existing SH-2G(I) FMFS and PTT being acquired by the NZDF from Kaman.
Boone, Jean, to GS-12; HQ USAFE/ FMAM, Ramstein AB GE Daniels, Christine, to MSgt; 48 CPTS/ FMA; RAF Lakenheath UK Govan, Sylvia, to SMSgt; 48 CPTS/ FMFS, RAF Lakenheath UK Hibbs, Randy to MSgt; 100 CPTS/ FMA, RAF Lakenheath UK Sheets, Susan, to Capt; 86 CPTS/FMF, Ramstein AB GE Van Scoy, Brian, to MSgt; 39CPTF/FM