FMJFull Metal Jacket
FMJFacility Management Journal
FMJFreedom for Media in Java (software; computer programming)
FMJFolk Music Journal (English Folk Dance and Song Society; London, England, UK)
FMJForest Machine Journal (UK)
FMJFirst Myoclonic Jerk
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M1906 cartridge, it consisted of a rimless, bottlenecked case 63mm in length whose 150-grain FMJ spitzer bullet had a muzzle velocity of 2700 fps.
While the original ballistics listed in the April 1900 S&F article told of a 130-grain FMJ bullet at 1,260 fps, the load was too hard on the pistol and the ammo was powered down.
After all, if the FMJ is a pointy-nose design and the JHP has a gaping maw, they could definitely disagree on which pistols they will feed well in.
OTC regulars will know that this week - tomorrow to be precise - is the day the FMJ becomes just Mrs Jupp.
We understand the FMJ meter will give readings of subvolume, total volume and flowrate via an easy-to-read seven-digit LCD and the use of multi-function keys.
303 inch Mark II Special--was loaded with a 215-grain soft-point bullet which, it was soon discovered, was far more effective against the fanatical tribal warriors on the Northwest Frontier than FMJ ammunition.
Simply put, the FMJ is the perfect tool for the tough assignment of getting through a feral hog's protective shield.
The Black Hills 115-grain FMJ loads hit to the sights at the shorter ranges.
The FMJ may well fret about my behaviour but I have vowed to keep my boozing under control and get plenty of shut-eye.
The article on work songs by Michael Pickering, Emma Robertson, and Marek Korczynski, complementing Marek Korczynski's article on music at work in FMJ, 8.
56 X 45 caliber cartridges FMJ NATO standard M193 (required).