FMKFlush Mount Kit (electronics)
FMKFortran Make File
FMKFluoromethyl Ketone
FMKFM (Frequency Modulation)-Kumamto (Japan)
FMKFolkereisning Mot Krig (Norwegian: People Rising Anti-War)
FMKFor My Kountry (firearms distributor; Placentia, CA)
FMKFredericia Motor Klub (Danish: Fredericia Motor Club; est. 1945; Fredericia, Denmark)
FMKFreiheitlicher Motorrad Klub (Austria)
FMKField Marshalling Kiosk
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Maxpedition has provided a jackpot of prizes to accompany the FMK pistol.
Pontillo II, the founder of FMK Firearms, is not one who will go meekly into the night, nor is he one to hide his light under a bushel.
He not only believes in American values and rights, but he puts his beliefs right out there where you can see, them when you pick up a FMK Model 9C1 Gen 2 pistol.
The overall size and weight of the FMK Model 9C 1 is about what one would expect from any current midsized self-defense semi-auto pistol.
The FMK 9C1 has no manual safety on either the frame or the slide, but it features a number of safety devices built into its design.
The next safety feature on the FMK 9C1 is the firing pin safety or firing pin block.
FMK does not warrant the pistol for +P rounds at present.
This is good news for FMK Firearms and the consumer as ATI has earned a solid reputation for responsible business practices.
From the cutting-edge, new FMK 9mm to the comprehensive accessories to go with it, the winner will be well-prepared to protect their family--and survive a disaster or civil unrest.
FMK is a new name in the firearms field and their California-based company has developed a new, affordable, 9mm semiauto with some unique features.
The new FMK 91C's slide is actually etched with important lines from the Bill of Rights.