FMKFlush Mount Kit (electronics)
FMKFluoromethyl Ketone
FMKFolkereisning Mot Krig (Norwegian: People Rising Anti-War)
FMKFor My Kountry (firearms distributor; Placentia, CA)
FMKFredericia Motor Klub (Danish: Fredericia Motor Club; est. 1945; Fredericia, Denmark)
FMKFreiheitlicher Motorrad Klub (Austria)
FMKField Marshalling Kiosk
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Pontillo II, the founder of FMK Firearms, is not one who will go meekly into the night, nor is he one to hide his light under a bushel.
He not only believes in American values and rights, but he puts his beliefs right out there where you can see, them when you pick up a FMK Model 9C1 Gen 2 pistol.
FMK does not warrant the pistol for +P rounds at present.
This is good news for FMK Firearms and the consumer as ATI has earned a solid reputation for responsible business practices.
The FMK is a double-action-only 9mm pistol with 10+1 capacity built on a polymer frame.
AUSTIN, Texas, April 5 /PRNewswire/ -- As previously announced, FMK Investors, LLC, a limited liability company indirectly controlled by John J.
CONTACT: Debbie Frank 512-306-5275 FMK Investors, LLC 2700 Via Fortuna, Suite 400 Austin, TX 78746 March 28, 2005 VIA OVERNIGHT MAIL AND VIA FACSIMILE (919) 632-3786 Firstmark Corporation 921 Holloway Street Durham, North Carolina 27701 Gentlemen:
In a letter dated March 28, 2005, FMK Investors, LLC, a limited liability company indirectly controlled by Mr.
The offer was made such that FMK Investors, LLC is prepared to structure the transaction in the form of a tender offer so that shareholders will receive their cash consideration expeditiously.
16 Defense Procurement 15 FMK 13 Survival Arms 12 Paredes, Samuel 11 Total Exports 90,834 Includes those who exported less than 10 guns.
Based on buyer feedback, FMK Architects designed building two with larger residences ranging from 1,240 to 4,487 square feet in one- to five-bedroom configurations, with penthouses priced up to $3.
Anyone who ever sets foot in Charleston will feel the positive impact of the new bridge, but for the residents of Tides, this bridge is a lifestyle amenity," said project architect Mark Fishero, managing principal of FMK Architects in Charlotte, N.