FMMFFree Methodist Medical Fellowship (est. 1960)
FMMFFree Medical Marijuana Foundation (UK)
FMMFFlood Map Modernization Fund (US Federal Emergency Management Agency; Washington, DC)
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107-159, July 17, 2001) and authorized $15 million in spending for the FMMF to be transferred from the DRF for emergency flood map activities.
The committee's recommendation included authority to transfer $15,000,000 from the DRF to the FMMF for flood emergencies and use of up to an additional $7,000,000 from prior year flood insurance policy fees for flood map modernization activities.
Instead, it authorized $25 million for emergency flood mapping activities to be transferred to the FMMF from the DRF (H.
3 million after rescission) for the FMMF in support of FMMI.
2555, Department of Homeland Security Appropriations, 2004, which provided $200 million for the FMMF.