FMSAFileMaker Server Advanced
FMSAFarallones Marine Sanctuary Association (San Francisco, CA)
FMSAFujitsu Management Services of America, Inc.
FMSAFellowship of Muslim Students Association (Singapore)
FMSAForce Management Support Agency (US Army)
FMSAForeign Military Sales Act
FMSAFirst Montessori School of Atlanta (Atlanta, GA)
FMSAFlorida Military School Association
FMSAFranciscan Missionary Sisters of Assisi
FMSAForeign Military Sales Account (USAF)
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While the FMSA is taking significant legislative action to address the recognized deficiencies, until such legislation is approved: criminal liability for money laundering has not been extended to legal persons in Azerbaijan; criminalization of the acquisition, possession, and use of property obtained with illicit funds is limited to "significant amounts" only; banks are not legislatively required to share customers' CDD information with correspondent banks; sanctions are not effective, proportionate, or dissuasive to financial institutions; and loopholes exist inhibiting proper identification of PEPs.
FMSA comes with four (4) different management levels, starting with "FMSA Light," a basic service that applies to "Managed WordPress Hosting" and "Managed Blog Hosting" plans and includes one hour of technical administration per month.
On the FMSA front, it provides customers solutions to support temperature monitoring, traceability, loading, reporting and other enabling technologies.
2] Nonstandard abbreviations: CTC, circulating tumor cells: FDA, Food and Drug Administration; EpCAM, epithelial cell adhesion molecule; FMSA, flexible micro spring array.
Like many of Gaza's civil society organizations, the FMSA plans to host groups of Flotilla participants at several events on land.
The FMSA may commission the OeNB to carry out on-site inspections in the fields of credit and market risks in OeNB's name and responsibility.
There have been some negative outcomes of the increasing external borrowing, in particular, higher FX exposure of the banking sector," said Elena Bakhmutova, Deputy Chairman for the FMSA.
The FMSA "changes the way food is sourced and managed through the supply chain," he observes.
FMSA performance is achieved by: (a) implementing flexible polymer micro springs as effective microfiltration structures that enrich CTCs on the basis of their size and deformability, while mitigating disruption to cells on initial impact; (b) maximizing device porosity, which increases sample capacity for a given device surface area and allows processing of whole blood without clogging; and (c) minimizing operation pressure and applying a pressure regulation system to reduce mechanical stress experienced by cells during enrichment to maintain their viability.
FMSA is going to hold the importer of record responsible for product safety.
Retailers can look to PMA for guidance on FMSA proposals through its FSMA Resource Center ( www.
Kazakhstan's FMSA reported 5M11 banking statistics yesterday, reflecting net income of KZT14.