FMWHFederal Ministry of Works and Housing (Nigeria)
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The data were generated from Statistical Bulletin of the Central Bank of Nigeria (Central Bank of Nigeria, 2015), and relevant publications of FMLHUD, FCTA, FHA, FMWH, FMBN, NBRRI and FGSHLB.
Abbreviations: 3-D = three-dimensional, ADL = activity of daily living, CG = control group, DOF = degree of freedom, EG = experimental group, FAT = Frenchay Arm Test, FM = Fugl-Meyer, FM-SEC = Fugl-Meyer Shoulder, Elbow, and Coordination subsections, FM-tot = Total Fugl-Meyer score, FMWH = Fugl-Meyer Wrist and Hand subsections, MAS = Modified Ashworth Scale, m-FIM = motor-Functional Independence Measure, MIME = Mirror Image Movement Enabler, MRC = Medical Research Council, NeReBot = Neuro-Rehabilitation-roBot, RCT = randomized controlled trial.