FNCFCSFirst Nations Child and Family Caring Society (Canada)
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FNCFCS asked the CHRT to award the children impacted--going back to 2006--$20,000 each as compensation, which would then be pooled to be distributed for wellness services, culture, education and language.
Blackstock says a "substantial amount" of children would be eligible for the funding, which FNCFCS has suggested.
Caring Across the Boundaries grew out of some research done by the FNCFCS in 2003, explained Jacqueline Ramdatt, co-ordinator of the program.
For more information about Caring Across the Boundaries visit the FNCFCS Web site at www.
The bonus that the Human Rights Commission brings is that not only can they make a determination as to whether discrimination is happening, but even more importantly for us they can order a remedy to that discrimination that is binding in federal court," said Cindy Blackstock, the executive director of FNCFCS.
The FNCFCS Web site has a joint declaration of support for Jordan's Principle posted on it, and so far, close to 1,400 individuals and organizations have signed on.