FNCIFichier National des Chèques Irréguliers (French: National Database of Irregular Checks)
FNCIFédération Nationale des Cavistes Indépendants (French: National Federation of Independent Wine Shops)
FNCIFirst Nations Composer Initiative (St. Paul, MN)
FNCIFédération Nationale des Chasseurs Immobilier (French: National Federation of Real Estate Agencies)
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I would feel OK with an FNCI but I'm a converted C7 guy .
Figure 2 Portfolios and Mark-to-Market Values Holding Security Bloomburg[TM] Value (02-10-98) Ticker Long Fannie Mae 30-year FNCL 7 $1,010,780 Long Fannie Mae Balloon FNCX 6 $995,630 Long Fannie Mae 15-year FNCI 6 $986,880 Long Ginnie Mae 30-year GNSF 7 $1,011,720 Long Freddie Mac 30-year FGLMC6 $969,060 Short 10-year Treasury T6 1/8 08/15/07 ($1,036,410) Short 5-year Treasury T6 07/31/02 ($1,010,000) Total $2,927,660 SOURCE: PRICE WATERHOUSE LLP