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FNDFamily Network on Disabilities (Florida, US)
FNDFirst Notice Day
FNDFunctional Neck Dissection (surgical procedure)
FNDFriday Night Drinks
FNDFraternité Notre Dame (French)
FNDFacility Need Date
FNDFocal Neurological Deficit
FNDFools Never Differ
FNDFoundation for National Development (West Indies)
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Black Country businesses taking staff on through FND face no recruitment costs or commission and are assured of highly-committed and talented individuals able to make an immediate positive contribution," said West Bromwich A4e manager Graham Wiggall.
Managing director Aaron Henricksen said: "We are delighted to be appointed as the FND provider for the Birmingham and Solihull area.
PRUEBA DE DIGESTIBILIDAD (%) BAJA FS ALTA FS SEM * P FND soluble 61,6 70,5 1,47 <0,001 Hemicelulosas 40,7 49,4 1,27 <0,001 Celulosa 13,4 1 25,0 1,85 <0,001 * n=10 por pienso PARAMETROS DE CRECIMIENTO (Jaulas Individuales) BAJA FS ALTA FS SEM * P Consumo Total (g/d) 89,0 84,5 1,47 0,05 Ganancia Peso Total (g/d) 48,0 47,1 0,72 NS Eficacia Total (g/g) 0,543 0,558 0,008 NS * n=24 por pienso PRUEBA DE CECOTROFOS n BAJA FS ALTA FS SEM * P pH Cecotrofos 30 5,9 5,75 0,03 0,005 Reciclado de PB 20 4,36 5,4 0,30 0,05 cecotrofos (g/d) Cl.
La digestibilidad fecal in vitro de la FND puede estimar correctamente las diferencias existentes en su digestibilidad in vivo, sin embargo, esto no sucede a nivel ileal.
Speaking at the FND launch event at Baskerville House in Birmingham, he said: "The pilot scheme performed very well and we are confi-dent that the Flexible New Deal can make a major difference.
The company expects to employ more than 250 people in the Birmingham area to deliver FND, and will be opening four specialist employment and training centres, in Small Heath, Aston, Kings Norton and Garretts Green, with facilities to give practical, hands-on experience of working in sectors such as hospitality, administration, manufacturing and leisure.
In this work we demonstrate porous anodic aluminum oxide (PAAO) templated deposition of commercially available FND, which are manufactured by centrifugation of crushed synthetic monocrystalline diamond powder.
Network lifetime is identified by number live nodes in the network at each round and it may with FND, HND, LND or hybrid form of all.
L'attaque israelienne a cible le camp Al-Fawwar des FND dans la localite de Qouneitra.
Hubo diferencias significativas (P<0,05) en los contenidos de FND entre tratamientos en concordancia con lo reportado en diferentes trabajos [5, 10, 16, 22, 24], lo que se justificaria porque el contenido de FND del residuo de maracuya fue entre 16 y 44% inferior al del forraje en el conjunto de los trabajos.