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FNGFondation Nationale de Gérontologie
FNGFlorida National Guard
FNGFreaking New Guy (polite form)
FNGFlorida's Natural Growers
FNGFriendly New Guy
FNGFake Name Generator
FNGFilm News Gathering
FNGFormer Navy Guy
FNGFutile Noble Gesture
FNGFormer Navy Gal
FNGFriday Night Girl
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Speaking at the launch event, Sanjay Raina, general manager and senior vice-president of FNG, said: "The Middle East continues to be very important to FNG.
If FNG agrees to use the railroad to ship LNG, the tank cars would supplement or replace the fleet of trucks now used to bring LNG to the Interior city from the Titan LNG plant at Point Mackenzie.
Analysing the descriptive statistics for the objective measure we notice that the highest mean values in the crisis year 2009 are characteristic of FPG with one exception - return on equity is highest for FIG and FNG (Table 3).
The FNGs were III/IV in 12 cases and IV/IV in 20 cases; FNG was not assigned in 7 cases of urothelial carcinoma and 1 case of squamous cell carcinoma.
The takeover will allow FNG to grow its business and create more jobs, said COO Prafulla Pande who was acting as acquisition advisor alongside the companya[euro](tm)s vice president of corporate affairs Krishal Dalal.
Sellers said FNG has also met with officials of food purchasing agency Alimport.
Si ademas el microcredito se otorga con garantia automatica del Fondo Nacional de Garantias (FNG), se adiciona el valor de la garantia mas el IVA por ambos conceptos (Avendano, 2006; FNG, 2007).
Holmfirth-based Rogers & Co is among a group of PROBIZ accountants promoting the FNG Heart Math programme to help business people and their families cope with the stress of modern life, improve their health and help them concentrate and learn.
Exxon Mobil Corporation and Fairbanks Natural Gas LLC (FNG) have entered into a long-term contract to supply Alaska North Slope gas to FNG customers in Interior Alaska.
As I was not a member of the team, but rather a late arriving 'additional asset,' I was put on rear security (typical FNG spot, eh?