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FNHA assumed the programs, services, and responsibilities formerly handled by Health Canada's First Nations Inuit Health Branch--Pacific Region in 2013.
The phased transfer of responsibilities from Health Canada to the FNHA supports the integration of health service delivery for BC First Nations with provincial health services.
On the plus side, they had put together an after-care program, LeClair said, adding that both Health Canada and FNHA have named after-care as a much-needed component of treatment, beyond detoxification.
Funding would flow, at various levels, from FNHA, Shuswap First Nation and NNADAP.
LeClair said the auditor brought in to examine the society's finances, John Scherbnyj of White Rock Consulting, had this information, but it was not reflected in the audit he delivered to FNHA.
LeClair maintains that, as a member of the FNHA board of directors and as acting band manager of Shuswap First Nation, which partially funded Three Voices, Scherbnyj was in a conflict of interest at the time he performed the audit.
LeClair said she was unable to "have a conversation" with COO Jock or with Sonia Isaac-Mann, FNHA executive director of Community Health and Wellness, who was cited extensively in the Jan.
LeClair suggested that Round Lake was the only FNHA facility to achieve the kind of successful outcomes provided at Three Voices.
The society's bank, Peace Hills Trust, approached FNHA to advise that Three Voices was overdrawn by at least three-month's (one quarter) worth of FNHA funding.