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FNIRFunctional Near InfraRed
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According to Georgios Alexandrakis, a member of the UT Arlington research team, the newly developed optrodes could also be potentially useful to a variety of fNIRS projects, including the evaluation of recovery from stroke, changes in brain activity in Alzheimer's patients, the perception of pain, and for assessing developmental changes in normal and impaired pediatric populations.
The presentation, "Improved fNIRS Using a Novel Brush Optrode" is at 12:30 p.
psychoacoustics, fNIRS brain imaging, EEG/ERP paradigms, intercultural studies, infant studies), project CREAM will yield the first functional description of the neural and cognitive processes involved in the induction of emotions by music, and establish new avenues for interdisciplinary research between the life sciences and the information sciences.
fNIRS is a noninvasive optical technique that measures oxygen levels in the brain to chart neurological activity.
So we developed a new tip for the fNIRS fibers-a brush optrode that slides the fibers between the hair follicles.
Harrivel and research associates are working on fNIRS at Glenn with 15 test subjects, who don headgear fitted with optical or electrical sensors and sit in a moving cockpit simulator that creates the sensation of flying.