FNISFidelity National Information Services (Jacksonville, FL)
FNISFidelity National Information Solutions (Santa Ana, CA)
FNISForeign National Information System (student registration)
FNISFast Neutron Irradiation System (physics)
FNISFirst Nations Interdisciplinary Studies (Canada)
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4 demonstrate FNIS' ongoing strategy to support its customers and partners by improving agent and broker productivity," said Dwayne Walker, FNIS president and COO.
FNI and Baiyin will also collaborate and assess investments in value-added downstream projects in the Philippines.
The separation measures of each alternative from FPIS and FNIS are obtained by using (a) vertex method [22] applied in [19, 20, 25, 28], (b) the proposed expression for the distance between two fuzzy numbers [36] applied in [18, 21, 23, 24], a new approach in [27], and (c) a novel fuzzy distance measure which has been analyzed in [37] and applied in [17].
Determining TOPSIS indices of every alternative: After determining TOPSIS utility function for each alternative, or after calculating the distance between each alternative from FPIS and FNIS ranking index of each project can be calculated:
FNIS Real Estate MLS Systems, a division of Fidelity National Financial, Inc.
com) eventually developing suite of proprietary real estate software products they successfully sold to FNIS subsidiary of Fortune 500 company Fidelity National Financial, the largest title insurance and diversified real estate services company in U.
Determine the positive and the negative ideal solutions and compute the distance of each replacement from FPIS and FNIS from the following relations:
FNIS Real Estate Services, a division of Fidelity National Financial, announced market growth of the FNIS TRIO(R) Internet Real Estate State for HomeServices' broker and agent companies.
FNIS includes the business unit that was previously Alltel Information Services, a division of Alltel Corp.
FNIS Real Estate Services announced the release Of AgentOffice v.
When Fidelity National Financial bought the outstanding shares of FNIS, it provided an ideal departure point and a logical conclusion to my career [at FNIS]," Stone says.