FNLTFinish No Later Than (project management)
FNLTFacial Nerve Latency Test (nerve transmission measurement)
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We were able to finally get to a representative of FNLT only through a friend (working for Victory Liner) of a friend of my brother (who was still in hospital nursing an injury)though we had to wait until the following day to speak to him personally at the Apalit Municipal Police Station.
From this experience I came to know that FNLT has had several accidents behind it, among them: a pedestrian hit and killed on Roman Superhighway, Bataan, on May 6, 2014; a collision with a Five Star bus along NLEx's northbound lane on Oct.
7 RationalPlan takes into consideration many more criteria when computing the critical path: MSO, MFO, SNLT and FNLT constraints, task deadline dates and the percentage completion.