FNMOCFleet Numerical Meteorology and Oceanography Center
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FNMOC provides Joint, allied, and coalition warfighters with Battlespace Awareness through on-demand, customized meteorological and oceanographic products, including high resolution models and climatological analyses.
FNMOC maintains close ties with the Navy Research Laboratory--Marine Meteorology Division, which specializes in the advancement of atmospheric modeling technology to ensure the DoD remains on the cutting edge of NWP.
The Weather Channel is reportedly interested in generating the same kinds of weather models created by FNMOC, which "utilize the largest existing, real-time databases of oceanic and atmospheric operations," Bishop said.
The supercomputers are located at FNMOC headquarters, in Monterey.
said Jeanne Frew, acting technical director for FNMOC.
FNMOC will utilize the Trusted IRIX(TM) of the SGI IRIX(R) 6.
By exploiting the supercomputing power of the SGI Origin 3000 series, FNMOC will be able to implement the next generation of coupled air-ocean models and take a big step forward in improving the accuracy of its products and the quality of its customer support.
These early benefits are described below, on the basis of validation studies made at FNMOC and NCEP as well as evaluations made at the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)/NCEP/ National Hurricane Center (NHC).
In this framework of international cooperation, NAWES will be a natural extension of the North American Ensemble Forecast System (NAEFS), an atmospheric model ensemble system established in 2004 that currently integrates probabilistic forecasts from atmospheric ensemble data generated at NCEP, FNMOC, EC, and the National Meteorological Service of Mexico (NMSM).
The practical example of the FORCEnet IPD allowed TFW and FNMOC to demonstrate to a large warfighter group the inherent capabilities of these new technologies.