FNRIFood and Nutrition Research Institute (Philippines)
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According to FNRI s Daily Nutritional Guide Pyramid for Filipinos, one serving of leafy vegetables is equivalent to 1 cup raw or A' cup cooked and one serving of other vegetables is equivalent to 1/2 cup raw or 1 cup cooked.
According to the FNRI, the fruit is versatile and is an important ingredient in making salad, baking bread, it is paired with ice cream and unripe ones are baked into chips.
In the light of these facts, FNRI urges Filipinos to choose brown rice and refuse "unli" rice, she said.
During the second quarter of 1995, FNRI hedged 825 MBbls at an average hedge price of $18.
FNRI has budgeted approximately $57 million for exploitation, development, leasehold and other facility enhancements primarily in its Main Pass 69 and East Bay Fields for 1995.
According to Espina, from 2012, the FNRI reported that 25% or one in every four pregnant women is undernourished.