FNSEAFédération Nationale des Syndicats d’Exploitants Agricoles
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FNSEA claim that prior to the refund scheme being abolished, egg exports received the refund, and subsequently, this has resulted in increasing export difficulties.
Sarkozy, agriculture merits as much as the banking or automobile sectors," the FNSEA union said on its Web site, referring to emergency aid the French government offered banks and carmakers to help them weather the global economic crisis.
FNSEA said in a statement on its website: "Mr Sarkozy, agriculture merits as much as the banking or automobile sectors.
But FNSEA head Mr Luc Guyau said member states were putting their own interests before the single market and called on the EU Commission to take the lead in seeking a compromise solution.
Xavier Beulin, president of the FNSEA, said farmers "need to express their anger".
D'abord, selon le president de la FNSEA, [beaucoup moins que]l'Europe est sur la defensive sur ces sujets car des qu'on evoque les normes, c'est percu comme une reaction d'autodefense pour proteger les produits europeens[beaucoup plus grand que].
The mobilization of farmers since early September has produced some answers today," Dominique Barrau, general secretary of the FNSEA, France's main farm union, told Reuters.
Protest organiser FNSEA, France's largest farming union, said 1,500 tractors from around the country were planning to take part.
Xavier Beulin, president of FNSEA, the main farmers' union, warned of further possible protests "in the next two to three days".
Jean-Michel Lemetayer of France's FNSEA has been appointed president.
The French farm union FNSEA has urged Europe-wide production controls, even suggesting culling millions of piglets.