FOGAFoundations of Genetic Algorithms
FOGAFashion Originators Guild of America
FoGAFriends of Gloucestershire Archives (est. 1993; UK)
FOGAFederation of Gujarati Associations
FOGAFlorida Organic Growers Association
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Citing FOGA, Associated Press, Klor's, and Radiant Burners, the Court observed:
110) In dicta, the Court referred approvingly to the tendency of "most lower courts to apply rule-of-reason analysis to product standard-setting by private associations," (111) though citing Radiant Burners and FOGA it cautioned that "[c]oncerted efforts to enforce (rather than just agree upon) private product standards face more rigorous antitrust scrutiny.
The Court reasoned that FOGA had no right to regulate competition in the market regardless of the quality of its process.
Both the NYSE's economic power and its use closely parallel the FOGA context.
The NYSE, unlike FOGA, however, had a specific delegation of authority from Congress to engage in such regulation.
Falcon will own 200 million stocks in FOGA accounting for 96.
FOGA is a subsidiary of Falcon and is the registered holder of four exploration permits in the Beetaloo Basin, Northern Territory, Australia.
The Agreement is conditional on, inter alia, approval by a requisite majority of FOGA shareholders entitled to vote.
Visits to the Commission: March 23: Lubomir Fogas (Deputy Prime Minister of Slovakia); March 24: Gaston Flosse (President of French Polynesia).
chalked o and Cas foGas Brighton had a goal chalked off for offside and Jake Forster-Caskey's header forced Robert Green into rare action in the second half - but they were not much of an attacking force.