FOGCFamily of God Church (Hawaii)
FOGCFriends of Gibran Council (various locations)
FOGCFlorida Organic Growers and Consumers (Gainesville, FL)
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67) The FOGC's Panel of Independent Experts would use these criteria to evaluate contracts signed by the Kurdistan Regional Government since 2003, and the Ministry of Oil, and the FOGC would use the criteria to evaluate contracts signed by the former regime with international oil companies (Article 40).
68) The FOGC would develop model contracts for use in Iraqi oil and gas fields and evaluate agreements with foreign participants according to the stated criteria and the model contracts.
Constitutionally recognized regional authorities would automatically qualify for seats on the FOGC under the terms of the draft oil sector legislation.
the FOGC "varying from fifteen (15) to twenty (20) years" with
The purpose of the FOGC is "to assist the Council of Ministers
114) According to the CRS Report, "the FOGC would become the most