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FOHNFinnish Oral History Network
FOHNFundamentals of Human Neuropsychology (book)
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Hostettler, Otto, Markus Fohn, and Christoph Schilling 2010
Por otra parte, Veillon (1989) reporta que el Fohn que sopla desde el Sur y Sureste afecta a esta cuenca.
During the second refrain of "New York, New York" a la Frank sinatra, fohn cast aside his fork.
Utilizing the findings from prior proceedings, such as the trial court did in Fohn, likely promotes judicial and litigation economies as well.
Fohn, Foen or Foehn: dehydrated air that descends on the leeward side of mountains, they can raise temperatures very fast, as much as 54 degrees F in a few hours.
Mr Harris said, 'Rhyl, like Aberdeen, benefits from the warm temperatures because of what we call the fohn wind phenomenon.
He said the Fohn Effect - where damp air warms up as it descends after passing over higher ground - was the cause.
The Fohn effect, where damp air warms up as it descends after passing over higher ground, can cause surprisingly warm temperatures in Scotland.
Perhaps the best known mountain wind is the Fohn, which blows across the Alpine regions of Europe.
Fohn, RUAG, Switzerland; "Requirements of O-Level Test Equipment for EW Multi Sensor Systems," B.
But when the fohn is blowing, you can also see the Alps in all their glory from the top of any building.
The balcony door is open, there's an intense yellow light outside, the fohn blowing in makes it difficult for me to talk/write on my sofa.