FOHPFriends of Hendricks Park (Eugene, OR)
FOHPFriends of Heritage Preservation (est. 1998; Los Angeles, CA)
FOHPFriends of Hillcrest Pond (Springfield, PA)
FOHPFriends of Halewood Ponds (UK)
FOHPFraternal Order of Housing Police (Philadelphia, PA)
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In January 1998, FHS established its Northeast Region, following the acquisitions of FOHP and PHS, which joined M.
FHS provides administrative services for FOHP-NJ and owns Convertible Debentures convertible into up to 71 percent of the equity of FOHP, Inc.
Parisi returns to his duties as general counsel for FOHP, Inc.
The FHS investment is in the form of FOHP Convertible Debentures.
FOHP will pay FHS two percent of its premium revenue for these services.
FHS's investment gives FOHP needed financial stability and our operating experience should provide all associated with First Option a high degree of confidence in its ongoing commitment to service and quality," said Malik M.
FOHP also has a license pending in New York and we are anxious to begin our efforts there," Dr.
At closing, expected by year-end 1996, HSI will purchase $30 million worth of FOHP Convertible Subordinated Debentures.
HSI will receive management fees from FOHP for these services.